Adjudications March, 2014

We had a great time with Dr. Karen Savage from Washington State University this week! The 13 students who participated were treated to imaginative and provocative new angles on their music. They were shown how to channel their nervousness into energy for their music, they learned about the “bump” on a piano key, and they learned new ways to think about their music. Dr. Savage was impressed with all the students’ stage presence, posture, hand position, good pedaling and expressive playing! She was especially impressed with 6 students:
KUDOS to the five Honorable Mentions for outstanding performances: Anna A., Andrew A., and Warren A., Charlotte C., and Christian S.
CONGRATULATIONS to Amelia S. who was chosen to play in the Honors Recital. About 400 piano students from the Spokane area participated in Adjudications and a small fraction of those students are hand-picked by adjudicators to play in the Honors Recital. Way to go, Amelia!!