What they say

As a pianist . . . . “Margee is an accomplished pianist and inspired performer.  She plays with a natural sense of poetic phrasing, and technical confidence.  This brings a deep substance to her teaching and her students are the recipients of her artistry and high level of music knowledge.”   Jody Graves, D.M., Associate Professor and Director of Piano Studies, Eastern Washington University

As a teacher . . . .“I appreciate the dedicated teaching Margee offers.  It is apparent through her students’ playing and demeanor.  She has a gift for evoking musical results from her students.”  Stephen R. Allen, D.M., Director of Piano Studies, Brigham Young University-Idaho.

As an adjudicator . . . . “Margee is the ideal of what every adjudicator should model.  She is friendly and fun with the students, whatever their age, and yet they know that she is very serious in her remarks to them about their music.  She is astute, insightful and most knowledgeable with comments very valuable and helpful to each one.  I have the highest praise for Margee’s adjudicating skills.”  Mary Jane Clarke, NCTM

What parents say . . . . “A phenomenal and inspiring teacher.”  “A teacher who knows how to relate to each student to meet their individual needs.”